The thoughts, stories, and ideas of professional athletes.

Pushing Further

For the longest time, I thought my best chance of getting really good at climbing was to specialize, and train exclusively for the discipline of bouldering, opposed to training for lead (rope climbing)

Man and Machine

As an athlete, you’re constantly iterating on your training. Five years ago, my training was child’s play, at least compared to what I’m doing now. Whenever a new iteration comes

You Have to Suffer

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years, thinking about what it means to be a professional athlete. Apart from the basics of diet and training, I’m moreover intrigued by

The One Hit Wonder

In all my years of competing, I’ve come to an absolute conclusion: anyone can win a competition. Whether it’s a lucky turn of events, conditions that suit certain strengths, or a

The Process

I started meditating because I wanted to be a better athlete. While that motivation is still present, meditation practice and theory has opened my eyes to its farther reaching benefits, benefits I once