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Despite being an Olympic sport, sport climbing is not recognized as an official National Sports Organization. This means that climbing in Canada is not funded by the government, and Climbing Escalade Canada is unable to pay for our flights, accommodations, training camps, or salaries.

All of our involvement with Team Canada is paid out of pocket.

Support from businesses and individuals is critical to help us continue training and traveling to events around the world, representing Canada.

2023 Expenses

Our combined climbing expenses from 2023

2024 Season

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Our Audience

Zach and I run the YouTube channel Richardsons Climbing. We share our training and make educational videos for climbers, about climbing.

Here are some benefits of supporting us:

For Individuals

  • Full access to our blog and newsletter
  • Special recognition on our website and newsletter
  • Thank-you postcards sent from wherever we are in the world
  • Recognition on our YouTube channel

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For Businesses

  • Website, YouTube, and jersey logo opportunities
  • Speaking engagements
  • Clinics and Talks
  • Affiliate link in YouTube descriptions
  • Product highlights and testing
  • Pre- and mid-roll advertisements and shoutouts

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