RC News #1: Montreal - Victoria - Toronto - Munich

Zach and Madison Richardson are married and living in Germany!

Madison Fischer and Zach Richardson on their wedding day in Waterloo, Canada
Madison Fischer and Zach Richardson on their wedding day in Waterloo, Canada

February 22, 2023

These were a busy few months. Let's catch you up with our year:

  • January 6 we drove to Montreal for a 3-day training trip
  • January 9 we flew to Victoria for a training camp with our coach
  • January 14 we got engaged!
  • January 25 we cancelled our flight to Germany
  • February 3 we got married!
  • February 4 we hosted an engagement/wedding/going away party at Climbers Rock
  • February 6 we drove back to Montreal for another week of training
  • February 11 we (almost) double won a competition in Niagara, Canada
  • February 12 we flew to Munich, Germany

Phew! When this year began, the plan was to move to Germany for training, but a late night conversation turned into an engagement, and an engagement turned into a city hall visit less than a month later! We changed our flight to celebrate before we left, but the plan was always to get married after the World Cup Circuit, in August. When we realized all the documents, translations, and appointments we would need to get to make that August wedding happen in Germany, we realized we were going to have to get married before we left - in a week.

Our engagement party turned into a wedding reception when we informed our guests that we got married the day prior! There was some shock, but moreover excitement. It was the perfect send-off on our big move to Germany.

The wedding logistics did, however, shift our schedule around so we ended up arriving in Germany in the middle of a training cycle. The day after we landed we hit the gym. It feels like we haven't had a second to slow down and get things in order since we got here. Days are filled with figuring out busses and trains, buying food, and getting acquainted with the area (around the gyms!). Rest week starts today, though. We can finally get a phone plan, buy monthly bus passes, and settle in.

Element Boulders in Munich, Germany

So, here we are! We're married, we're training in Germany, and now we face our first big hurdle for Canadians living in Europe - apartment hunting.