Training on the 25th

Training on the 25th

Christmas day is a pretty major holiday. Most people get the day off work, there’s a good two, even three month ramp up, it even has its own genre of music.

Along with it comes a certain atmosphere as well. Typically you think of a lazy day, with comfort food and pajamas. There’s a little stress if you’re hosting or cooking, but there should at least be some point in the day where you just sit back.

Christmas is supposed to be a day to relax, let go of your worries (and your diet), to just enjoy the moment. Nothing sets this up to be a good day to train. In fact, it kind of achieves the opposite. But you see, that’s why it’s the best day to train.

You’re supposed to eat whatever you want. You’re supposed to loaf around. You’re supposed to deviate from your schedule.

You’re supposed to do what everyone else does, because that’s how you fit in and really blend into the woodwork.

Unfortunately though, in the world of high performance, blending in really goes against the cause.